Knowledge is everything – My new water heater

Hello my Dear Readers!

My husband and me are going to move to our very first house with garden in to the suburb. We sold our flat, because we had enough of the crowded centre of the city. Furhermore I think it’s important to raise a child in a more calm and liveable surrounding, and we are expecting a baby to January.

But before we can get into use our newly bought house, we have to make some renovation. First of all, we had to remove the old roof to replace it with new tiles. After that we changed the doors and windows in order to make a better insulation. We already repainted the whole house from outside and we are currently halfway through the indoor paintings. But now we ran into some kind of problems with the installed boiler. We knew that we have to swap it to a newer and bigger one, but I never thought that we have to do it this soon.

Unfortunately we already spent 99% of our spared money, because we didn’t calculate with this scenario. Now we have to find a cost-effective solution…

We already decided that we want a water heater instead another boiler, but we have to choose the perfect one. We asked two plumber about the topic and they advised different types of tankless water heaters. One advised an electric based, while the other suggested to buy a gas fueled type. Because we had no idea which is better and we didnn’t want to be fooled, we done a little bit research.

We found some helpful tankless water heater reviews on which exactly pointed out that an electric one will met our needs. It’s a little bit less powerful, but for us it is still much more than we can use. Over 10 gallon hot water per minute… Furthermore: the gas based products are harder to install, so the expert usually charge more for that one.

So the moral is you should always check everything on the internet, because professional people usually want to override their experience and fool others just to get more money.


Record player to my husband

My husband’s birthday is around the corner and I’m still not sure what to buy to surprise him.

He has everything, what he could wish for. Of course I asked him about it, but he said that he needs nothing, but that’s not an acceptable alternative. Years ago I always knew what he wanted, but now we already have those things and I’m nearly out of ideas.


I thought about for several days and the best answer I could come up with was to buy him some retro style product, which could remind him to our childhood. I know he really loves music, so I started my research in this topic. I found some amazing music instrument which is made in some kind of futuristic stlye, back in the ‘80s. But that’s not what he could satisfied with (but maybe he would buy one from that collection – for me).

Thanks to the stars, two days ago I finally found the perfect gift for him: a turntable. A lot of different type is released nowadays, with new mechanism, but with the same look as those products got 30 years ago. They are not even as hardly affordable as they were back in our time.

I found an interesting site – “” with detailed record player reviews, which helped me to minimize the number of products I have to choose from. Unfortunately, I still have some doubt about which could be the best turntable to my husband. I asked some people on a forum, but they gave me very different feedbacks.

This is why I want to ask you about the same topic. What do you think which is the most reliable manufacturer: Crosley, Technics or Stanton?

The money doesn’t really count, but the quality does. I really want to order a good and stylish product to my husband.

Thank you for your advice in advance!